Alexandra FAVRE Fantaisistique Portrait

Hello beautiful people,

Welcome to my world!

During more than 10 years of passion for photography, I shot fashion and beauty, I had the chance to work with very talented artists (make-up artists, actors, designers, artistic directors, jewelers, decorators, realtors, restaurants and others photographers). Also, I’ve been very interested by street and travel photography, most of it, photo-journalism. Indeed, more than 24 countries are registered on my cameras.

As a photographer, I want you to feel comfortable during our session. Either for a family shoot or newborn, or even for the most important day of your life, I want you to feel at your best.

I created my photography company on November 2018 as a personal challenge and the urgent need to live from my passion, as no work is done better that way. I’m now working for event agencies, a prestigious Parisian cabaret, and a lot for private matter such as family sessions or weddings.

The main common point of my work is emotion. This is what it takes to make the experience even more inspiring, fun and unique.

Emotion is everywhere, everyday, during you life events. It is important for me to show that feeling on my photos. I’m most of all a storyteller photographer, and I am convinced that everyone has a story to tell. This is exactly why you want me as your photographer.

Spontaneous, I will be glad to advise and guide you during our session. You would most likely be able to forget that I’m around as I will discreetly capture the best of your emotions.

Feel free to visit this website to see different aspects of my work and do not hesitate to contact me, in French or English, to talk about all your wonderful projects!


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